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Slow Web/Email Performance

Dec. 6, 2012 - Since early this morning, people may have experienced slowness or timeouts when trying to access some SSL secured websites (often indicated by a closed padlock icon in your web browser) or secured connections used to send or read email. Affected sites were peppered throughout the Internet, including some on the UChicago campus. The underlying problem was caused by a commercial provider of Internet trust services. The provider resolved the problem within two hours of its occurrence, and IT Services took an additional step to minimize its residual effects, but the nature of this glitch is such that it may take a while still - possibly a few hours - for affected services and machines to clear cached bad information. The exact nature of the residual effects will vary according to service and individual machines, so some people may see all issues resolved before others do.

Detailed information on the actual outage and sequence of events is scant, but interested readers might find this brief article useful: